Intellectual Property
Today, intellectual property rights can no longer be ignored. There is no best way to use and implement any solution without legally enforcing an intellectual property right. As if the obvious things were, why didn't you still get a patent, ignore the copyright transfer or register the trademark?
Business Support
All companies, without exception, have a moment when business needs to be protected. However, as practice shows, some companies are ready for this, others - not very. International contracts, internal security of business, correct registration of processes in the structure of business, without experienced lawyers - "failed". And we will make you as comfortable as possible to meet any "guest" and instead of panic as calm as unyielding Heroes.
Some of our colleagues will convince you that they will "give a bribe", some that they are 100% sure of your victory. Our team is happy for colleagues, but for us litigation is a work of skill, for us it is a "beautiful dance" in the interests of the client, since our practice shows that disputes can be resolved outside of litigation. And, it is definitely a pleasure to deal with!